BJ Productions

Photo, film, video production company, aerial shooting

BJ Productions

BJ Productions

Photo, film, video production company, aerial shooting

BJ Productions - premium image and video service.


We produce all kind of films from your small advertise until full documentary video. Events, weddings, sport, outdoor activities, products, music video or any other.


We provide you with photos in 18Mpix or videos in 4K resolution. Professional drone shooting in 4K with stable images! 


We are available to shot on location. Just contact us!

You can follow me on my social media channels above, and below check my latest video on Vimeo and posts from twitter, facebook and instagram.


Here are examples of my work (filming and editing), mostly of windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing action.

I also shot promo videos (of products, places, events or businesses, music videos). Here are some examples of that kind of videos:

I am also available for event media coverage (daily highlights, podcasts etc.) Here are examples of my work during PWA World Cup event in Tenerife. All of the daily highlights videos were ready during the night after the day of the competition:

I do any kind of outdoor photography:

  • sport photography (windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, cycling, longboarding, climbing etc.),
  • activities photography (trekking, yoga, pilates etc.),
  • Events photography,
  • Wedding photography,
  • holiday photography, landscapes,
  • panoramic shots, 360 degress panoramic views, HDR photography.

Order your own session here!

My videos are regularly shared as a highlight on the most important windsurfing news website

My pictures have been used by many windsurfing magazines around the world: Dutch, German, British and others

My videos and pictures have been used by the biggest windsurfing brands on the homepage websites to promote their product:

My footage has been used by TV programs in Poland, Germany and Italy. You can click here to see my footage in Italian program in Rai Sport 1 - main Italian channel. And below document for polish TV:

You can contact me in order to plan your project. You can order:

  • photo session,
  • video session,
  • edit of your own footage,
  • graphic work (logos, photo edition, designs),
  • websites (example1, example2, example3).

After video session you can get a rough footage from the camera or ask me to make an edit. The cost of edit of one hour footage is equal as another hour of filming (minimum 2 hours to make an edit).

Video/photo sessions with professional equipment:

  • 4k professional drone
  • professional telezoom lens
  • slider
  • steadicam
  • gopro session
  • underwater/water session.

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